It wasn't the big grand wedding they wanted but they loved it all the same!

Maggie & Jon had a small church ceremony then decided to have a small reception of 20 of their closest friends and family in their garden. With a BBQ & loads of bottles of bubbles. With a beautifully landscaped garden which just happens to be Jon's pride of the joy, this made it ultra special to them because it wasn't only their favourite place, their favourite people but they even used florals from their garden for the florals to decorate the beautiful area and even make their bouquets & button holes. Which was just the icing on the cake.

Wanting to keep it as relaxed as possible!

I was under strict instructions to capture all the candid moments. The moments of this fantastic group of people not only celebrating two people they love the very most. But also the fact they're all coming together for the first time in around 18 months. Some not seeing others for over that. Covid really didn't rain on this day because it made sure that everyone was super duper happy to be together again. No sitting for hours on their phones, they were fully embraced in engaging and socialising. There was a hell of a lot of laughing.

WOW, the food!

When I say BBQ, I mean, BBQ! It was amazing. Ribs, chicken, steak, burgers, sausage, everything. Every single thing you can think of and cooked to perfection using both an open half barrel & Jon's own business, Food Ux. Which is an incredible outdoor cooking beast!!! You can find out more about there HERE.

BBQ's are the way forward and they're not just for summer. They offer something for everyone & they make everyone loads more relaxed. More weddings to embrace the BBQ for their reception. 'Cause, there will be no complaints from anyone.

We don't want formal boring group shots, no thank you.

OKAY! Thank god. 'Cause I don't want to take them either. Haha. Let's face it, we've all been to that wedding where the photographer takes hours to place everyone in the perfect spot and by the time they've taken the photo the group have had enough and cannot be arsed to smile. I'm on the ball. I like to be quick, I like to engage with everyone and I don't want to take away from the day too much. I want you to go off and have fun as soon as possible. (everyone had a negative lateral flow test before the big day too - so we did a fun mask chucking shot, like graduation inspired)

Not an ounce of regret from doing it this way!

There wasn't an regret or sadness about having their day like this, in fact it make it extra special. Having the little details made it ever more special. Being able to laugh, joke, drink and eat BBQ was even better than anyone could of predicted. And having me run around in the background just put the cherry on the top said everyone there. Not having to have their phones out or remember to capture the moment. Everyone was able to just be in that moment and soak it all up. Which really really makes me grateful for having the job I have and being able to provide the memories in the form on photographs that will be enjoyed forever.

&& Just to finish off, this is what they had to say about having me capture their special day;


Jon & Maggie

“Vix came to our wedding as a surprise gift from all our children, she was in the background, saw an opportunity and took it to take some stunning pictures and was able to marshal our limited number of guests into some great posed for pictures. I have already asked Vix to come and take some professional photos for my business and could not recommend a better photographer”

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