So we all know the drill, you're engaged and you set up your hidden Pinterest board...

WE HAVE ALL DONE IT. Hell, I do it now and I'm married... (Renewal is coming up in 2025 though!) So you have a board, a board you're obsessed with. So many ideas and beautiful things you want to include on your day. Well here's some tips on how to achieve them.

  1. Rank what's most important to least important. This will help you get rid of things you like, but don't totally love so your budget isn't being wasted on stuff you are not 100% obsessed with!
  2. Be realistic with your budget. This ones a toughy. Especially with florals 'cause I'm going to be real with you here, florals ain't cheap and THEY ARE WORTH IT. If you want massive beautiful displays, you've gotta be prepared to pay for them. The cost of florals has gone up so much with Brexit happening and they don't look like they're dropping any time soon. If you're wanting big beautiful florals, sometimes you have to ditch a few things you're not in love with for them.
  3. Think about your venue.... this ones a biggy. If your venue is beautiful and full of character without adding to it, then don't add to it. BUT if your venue isn't then you may have to pay out to give that wow factor.
  4. DO WHAT YOU WANT! Not what people tell you. If you want signature cocktails, go for it. If you want hot dogs and chips, do it. If you don't want a cake, don't have one. Don't do things just because you think you're meant too. It's your day and it should be how you want it.
  5. Make it personal. Make your day personal to you. Have a playlist of songs you want the dj to play which you used to rave to when you first met, get your fave take away to cater the day, wear your fave trainers that you know are super comfy. It's all about making your day personal at you!
beautiful wedding table scape with gin bottle decorations and crystal glasses
mad hatters tea party wedding vibes at the baytree in welshpool with beautiful mix and match china
stunning wedding banquet table scape with fairy lights and gorgeous royal blue accents.

Here's 3 examples above & how different these weddings were but how personal and beautiful!

The marquee wedding

Mary & Dave knew exactly what they wanted and they did it. They pulled it out of the bag and then some. They had a beautiful marquee wedding at Mary's parents home and it was beautiful.

From their beautiful massive stunning floral's created by Mary's aunty with bold beautiful pinks in the centre of their tables surrounded by gold stunning charger plates from Tipples and stunning blue napkins that just brought the table together along with the stunning gin bottles filled with fairy lights. This was a created by the family but pulled off to perfection. You cannot fault the lengths they went to to ensure they had their Pinterest board decor.

Afternoon tea wedding

Cheri & Dave opted for a low key beautiful afternoon tea reception with 30 of their nearest and dearest. They picked a venue that was full of character called The Baytree Tea Rooms in Welshpool which didn't need them to do a single thing.

Trudy who own's The Baytree laid out their finest most beautiful mix and match china, along with beautiful hessian table runners topped with lace and created a simple but effective centre piece of a tea light candle in a lantern with a vintage tea tin with a hand full of gyp.

Knowing the venue and knowing it's filled with enough character it was perfect and fitting for their day.

The banquet

Lizzi & Ben wanted a huge banquet for their day so they set up beautiful long simple banquet tables with stunning sheepskin rugs for their guests to sit on in the beautiful Over Barn in Gloucester.

They opted for simple cutlery and plates and a simple runner of foliage down the centre which was beautiful and in keeping with the foliage surrounding the hoops above them.

The banquet came out is platters so the guests could help themselves to food and that became the centre piece of their tables.

They added the stunning regal blue table runner and napkins as Lizzi's dress was blue silk made by her aunt it kept the colour palette of their day.

Ben also slow spit roasted a full pig to cater for his guests. How incredible is that? Proper personal touch!

I hope these little tips helped you in some way planning your big beautiful day!

LOVE VIX XOXO - sign off by pix by vix wedding photographer