So you're getting married & you're not a fan of having your photo taken...

You're not the only one. Trust me. 80% of people who I photograph say this, it's awfully common and so to make it easier for you as a couple I offer a prewedding shoot with my full day packages.


WELL, it gives us a chance to meet in person. Which makes me a real person and just another vendor you've booked for your big day. We will take a little walk & chat a lot about your big day, you guys and you can get to know me too (ask what you like, i'm a pretty open book). We can chat about any little ideas for your day, secret things you want to include and also give me the down low on who will hide from me on your big day.

Does this mean we get some photographs?

Of course it does. You'll have a beautiful gallery to download, keep and even purchase prints. It also gives you a little insight into how you wedding day gallery works and looks, which I love. So you can wonder around my gallery sharing platform and even order prints from the print store which are printed using a professional print lab. 100% worth the investment when you're putting them on show around your home or giving them to people as gifts (I know my nan loves a good photo as a gift)

Your prewedding shoot doesn't have to be boring

I really really want to create beautiful portraits of you in love. & If you have a place you want to do it or an idea in mind. Tell me, let's make it happen. I don't mind going that extra mile for a beautiful gallery for you.

You don't have to bring a thing!

That's right, I even bring a bottle of fizz for you to pop. & Once you've fizzed it all over me, like Gaz above. You'll have a mouthful to drink. (Please don't aim the fizz straight at me haha!)

If you're not a fizz drinker, don't worry. I will supply the beers or even a can of g&t. They fizz too!

& if you want it to be a steamy shoot at your home!

I AM DOWN FOR THAT TOO! Just see me as a professional third wheeler that doesn't feel awkward snapping you up getting your snog on.