Hi, I'm Vix, nice to meet 'cha!

So you don't like having your picture taken? Guess what, neither do i. But photographs are so important to remember memories & treasure loved ones. I am a keen advocate for empowering people. I want you to enjoy your experience with me, to have fun, make memories as I capture them.

Okay, wanna know my background? Well, In 2012, I graduated from Staffordshire University with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Fine Art focusing all my artistry on portrait photography & a Masters degree in Photography from Falmouth University (of course I had to share some pix of me in my cap and gown below). I shot my first wedding in 2012 which was super scary.

Now the formalities are over, you wanna know me? Well, I'm a serial over-sharer, with a big potty mouth and an even bigger heart. I live for laughter, fun and generally having the best time. Life is too short to do sh*t you hate.

I love capturing people just being in the moment, be it with their newborn bundle of joy, laughing at their wedding or just completely embracing themselves in new found freedom during an empowerment shoot. I just want to tell the story of you through photographs that will touch your heart.

Alternative wedding photographer of shropshire and powys

Image by Florence Fox Photography

Cheshire wedding photographer just hanging out with some big plants
Pix by Vix in her cap and gown graduating from Falmouth Uni as a master of photography
Shropshire wedding photographer posing after graduation


  • I was given my first camera for Christmas when I was 8, it was a polaroid and I loved it so much.
  • I'm married to the nicest guy ever, called Dean & have a woke ass daughter, called Freyfrey.
  • I LOVE TO TRAVEL - I'll literally go anywhere for a destination wedding.
  • I have a MAJOR potty mouth, ooooops!
  • I'm one of them Tent Box owners, you know the ones who love camping!
  • I love paddle boarding, I made it my mission to learn in 2021 and I am hooked.
  • If you were to cut me, i'd probably bleed black coffee or coke zero.
  • It's very rare you'll see me in anything NOT pink.


  • DOGGIES!!!! I have 2 a King Charles Spanial called Pippa & a Frenchie x Staffy called Rupert. (soz i talk about my dogs alot)
  • Chips (not the American kind, the British kind)
  • Mockumentary's & inappropriate humour (The Office, Peep Show, Parks & Rec, Schitt's Creek, Bob's Burgers, you get it)
  • Karaoke, I am known on the scene as Vixney Houston.
  • We have a tent box & loveeeee to wild camp
  • Coke Zero or black coffee
Portrait of Vix of Pix by Vix in Shrewsbury Shropshire
Portrait of Vix of Pix by Vix in Shrewsbury Shropshire
Portrait of Vix of Pix by Vix in Shrewsbury Shropshire

Images by Florence Fox Photography

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