Wedding at Old Downton Lodge, Ludlow

Garden games on lawn at Glyngynwydd Wedding Barns

For the unique, unconventional and carefree souls who want to capture memories, not just images.’ Recognise this? It’s ok if not, you’re forgiven! It’s actually from my intro on my home page, and for those that did recognise it…bonus points to you, I love you! As you might or might not already know, I’m allll about showing off uniqueness in all its colourful, contradicting and controversial ways. I always want people to be their authentic self, I basically don’t give a flying f*$£ about what other people think and I don’t think you should either. And before you ask, this ABSOLUTELY extends to your wedding celebrations too!

Wedding breakfast set up at The Kings Head, Meifod

Wedding breakfast set up in Marquee at Garthmyl Hall

Chairs supplied by TMS Events

Gone are the days where everyone had a cookiecutter day with a big white meringue dress, a super trad white icing wedding cake, set, stuffy wedding flowers, and nylon chair covers… don’t even get me started on those!! These days a modern, unique wedding can quite literally be ANYTHING you want it to be, and how frickin’ cool is that?! 

Dance floor Wedding Photography in Shropshire
Bride dancing on the dance floor at wedding in Shropshire
Wedding party dancing on the dance floor at wedding in Shrewsbury Shropshire

That’s not to say there’s anything wrong with Pimms for reception drinks and a disco at your local community hall (actually, they can be pretty epic!), but if you’ve found my website and you’re reading this then I’m guessing you’ve got a bit of an unconventional, rebellious streak…ha, knew it!

Bridal portrait wedding photography in Chester, Cheshire.
VW camper van wedding portrait photography in Wigan, Greater Manchester

I’ve seen and been to a LOT of weddings over the years, from boho barns to classic country houses, and honestly, I’ve loved every single one. But every year there are one or two that really knock my socks off - it could be a personalised detail, a choice of entertainment or some increds bridal accessories, anything really but they’re the ones that stick, hard.

Irregular choice wedding shoes for bride
Bridal empowerment portraits in Garthmyl Hall bridal suite in Powys
Paris Wedding Elopement photography with the Eiffel tower in the background
Dr Marten Wedding Bridal shoes at Dunwood Hall, Staffordshire.
Wedding Photographer for Box Hill, Surrey

Wondering how to make your wedding unique and totally you? Keep ready for my top tips on levelling up your wedding celebrations and giving your big day that little extra sprinkle of unique wedding magic! But just remember, regardless of what anyone says (including me!) it’s your day, not anyone theirs so ultimately you should just do what the hell you like!

Confetti shot at Finca La Principal, La Palma

Homemade ceremony structure

Want an outdoor wedding ceremony but with an added bit of zhuzh? ‘Course you do! Floral arches and draping as a ceremony backdrop will immediately elevate your aisle style but have you considered creating your own chapel?! Lyndsey and Tim did just that for their woodland wedding and it was beyond epic.

Outdoor summer ceremony in Shropshire under the trees with hand built capel structure
Home made personal table cards made from wood
Wood hand painted sign with married name above alter for ceremony

Beer pong at your reception

Possibly one of the cheapest but most hilarious forms of wedding entertainment I’ve come across, and let’s be honest, who can resist a game after a couple of glasses of fizz?! Let the bride and groom battle, team up with your besties or why not encourage your parents and grandparents to step up to the mark. Beer pong will guarantee a LOT of laughs, a raucous atmosphere and some awesome wedding photos too. 

Wedding photography of beer pong entertainment on lawn at Garthmyl Hall
Garthmyl hall wedding photography games on the lawn bride playing beer pong and celebrating

Go big with live music

Ok, this isn’t the most original idea but some of the BEST weddings I’ve captured have had music front and centre all day. From a brass band during the drinks reception to a soul / funk band in the evening and a DJ playing all the 90s classics to a jam-packed dance floor. It’s hands down the best way to get your guests moving, shaking and bringing the party!

Chrisbee of Charlotte & Chrisbee accoustic duo for Weddings

Call of the Kraken band playing at a Shropshire Wedding

The Single Table performing at a wedding at Dunwood Hall

Outdoor first dance

If the weather allows, and it works with the logistics of the band / PA then always, always have your first dance outside. It creates such a beautiful atmosphere! Kick off your shoes, soak up your surroundings and if the sun’s going down why not give your guests sparklers to light up around you - pure magic!

Outdoor first dance at Stanford Farm, Halfway House, Shropshire

Outdoor first dance on lawn at Garthmyl Hall, Powys

First dance on Pont Alexandre III bridge in Paris

Magician during the drinks reception

Sounds a bit cheese, right? WRONG! Magicians are a vibe. After the ceremony people are still kind of settling into the day, they haven’t made new friends yet, or managed to catch up with old ones. Having a magician working the guests is the perfect way to boost the mood, get people laughing and they make for the best candid photos EVER!

Magician during reception drinks on the lawn at Wilde Lodge, Knighton, Powys

Groom captured laughing at magician by wedding photographer at Wilde Lodge Knighton Powys

Celebrant-led ceremonies

There’s not enough space within this blog to tell you how passionate I am about celebrant-led wedding ceremonies. But know this: it’s not just ticking a box, celebrants take the time to get to know you as individuals and as a couple in order to marry you in a truly heartfelt, personal and genuine way. Yes, registrars do the legal bit and that is important but do they get you? Nope, they don’t! You’ll never regret a celebrant-led ceremony, and they are often my FAVE thing about a wedding day. 

Couple laughing during celebrant led ceremony in secret garden at Garthmyl Hall

Celebrant led ceremony at Garthmyl Hall

Sand pouring ceremony by Hwyl Ceremonies

Ceremony at Plas Dinam House, by Berni B Celebrant

Ceremony at Moat Hall Barns by Bc Bespoke Ceremonies

Statement accessories

You want to wear hot pink platform heels? Obsessed! A statement headpiece? Gorge! A handmade hat for the groom? YES PLEASE! It’s your wedding so do and wear whatever the hell you want. You’re only going to do it once remember. You do you, babe.

Flame wedding shoes
Alternative bride in lace suit in Llanfyllin

Signature cocktails

This is always a crowd-pleaser and one which I LOVE to see on a wedding day. Yes, it’s gonna add a few more pennies to your wedding budget but if finances allow signature drinks / cocktails are always a super fun addition to the drinks reception.

Personalised cocktails at Garthmyl Hall, Powys
Naughty personalised cocktails in powys

Be bold with colour

Don’t be afraid to play with colour, pattern and texture on your big day. Weddings don’t have to have a pastel colour palette with lots of greenery - they can be big, bold and totally beautiful! Go full festival with clashing colours and sunshine vibes or simply focus on one pop of colour and repeat it throughout the day for consistency.

Garthmyl Hall, Powys

Stanford Farm, Shropshire

Malt House Barns, Shropshire

Gorgeous orange and pink florals at Montgomery town hall by The Flower Shop Montgomery

The Mongomery Flower Shop

Florals by TMS Events

Florals by Wilde Posies

Personalised details

This really can relate to anything but believe me when I say that I (and your guests) always enjoy and remember the weddings that feature gorgeous personalised details the most. Don’t just head to Pinterest and be influenced by what everyone else is doing, take time to consider what represents you as a couple and start there. Whether it’s signature scented candles on your tables, references to your family / married name (the Dunbar bottles were a link to M+P’s married name!), or super cute homemade favours - it’s these details that will stick in people’s minds and make your day truly unique.

Hand written baubles for christmas wedding favours
Dunbar bottles used for table decorations in Mongomery Town Hall
Home made moonshine made wedding favours for guests at Malt House Barns, Shropshire