Embarking on a self-love journey is a powerful and transformative experience that can have a positive impact on various aspects of your life.

Booking and having an empowerment photoshoot, especially with the ultimate hype queen that is Pix by Vix, can be a wonderful way to kickstart and celebrate this journey. Honestly, it’s more than just a photoshoot, so many goddess’ tell me how much it’s given them a power they never had before. 

Here are several reasons why you should consider starting your self-love journey today with an empowerment photoshoot:


Lifestyle studio empowerment photoshoot
Time to start your self love journey with an empowerment photoshoot
Outdoor empowerment photoshoot at a waterfall

Celebrate Your Unique Beauty

An empowerment photoshoot allows you to celebrate and embrace your unique qualities, both inside and out. It's an opportunity to focus on what makes you beautiful and special. No empowerments look the same, they are all completely unique to you and your personality. 

female confidence photoshoot

Boost Body confidence

Seeing yourself through the lens of a skilled photographer can boost your confidence. A professional photographer like Pix by Vix knows how to capture your best angles and bring out your natural beauty, helping you see yourself in a new and empowering light. You will also see yourself in a way others see you, which is totally eye opening and a really great feeling. 

embracing yourself to love yourself

Capture Your Strength and Resilience

Life is full of challenges, and an empowerment photoshoot can be a powerful way to capture your strength and resilience. It's a visual representation of your journey and a reminder of the challenges you've overcome and how much of a f*cking badass queen you are!

Female empowerment photographer in the Midlands

Create Lasting Memories

Photos are timeless reminders of moments in our lives. An empowerment photoshoot creates lasting memories that you can revisit whenever you need a boost of self-love and positivity. Why would you not want photographs to remember you at this time, the start of your journey, the start of embracing and loving yourself fully. 

Beach photoshoot for gorgeous goddess in the Kos Sea

Express Yourself

Photography is a form of self-expression. An empowerment photoshoot with Pix by Vix allows you to express your personality, style, and the essence of who you are. It's an opportunity to be creative and showcase different facets of your identity. You can wear whatever you like, you don’t have to bare all, it’s about embracing all. This is not boudoir. 

Sheet photoshoot in studio

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Taking part in a photoshoot may be outside your comfort zone, but pushing those boundaries can be a transformative experience. It's a chance to embrace vulnerability, challenge self-doubt, and grow as an individual.

Headshot for dancer in lifestyle studio

Inspire Others

Your empowerment photos can inspire others on their own self-love journeys. By sharing your experience, you contribute to a positive and supportive community that encourages individuals to embrace and love themselves. I always say to every queen, show them photos, get them printed, put them on your walls, post them to your socials and really feel amazing about them. Embracing yourself will inspire others and change the mindset for everyone and help the futures of others. (Fun fact, I have my empowerment shots on my bedroom wall printed in a3 haha AND I LOVE THEM) 

Outdoor golden hour confidence and empowerment photoshoot

You’ll Have the Ultimate Hype Queen Cheering You On

Pix by Vix, being a professional service, can provide guidance on posing, styling, and other aspects of the photoshoot. This expertise ensures that the photos reflect the best version of yourself. You’ll receive a client guide and questionnaire to help you prepare for your shoot. You will also receive full hype girl experience. Every single moment it’s about making you feel the absolute best you’ve ever felt. 

Retro look wild women photoshoot with disco balls

Being Able To Look Back & See Your Growth

As you progress on your self-love journey, you can look back at the photos as tangible evidence of your growth and development. It's a reminder of the positive changes you've made in your life and how much you’ve grown as a person since your photoshoot. 

Embracing your body in an empowerment photoshoot in a Powys Photography studio

Investment in Yourself

Participating in an empowerment photoshoot is a form of self-care and an investment in yourself. It's a gesture that says you are worthy of celebration and love. You’re worthy of having things for yourself, being your own art and being your own muse. 

Golden hour summer headshots


Remember, the journey to self-love is unique to each individual. An empowerment photoshoot with Pix by Vix can be a meaningful and visually stunning way to start or enhance that journey.