Starting that self love journey with an empowerment photoshoot
Empowerment photography at empowerment studio in Welshpool
Self love photoshoot in Welshpool, Powys
Self love journey in Welshpool, Powys

As a professional photographer, I can honestly say that there is literally never a dull day. One day I might be shooting a wedding in a far-flung destination, then I might be capturing some headshots for a cool local business, exploring with one of my awesome couples to capture some romantic portraits, OR I could be in my studio in Welshpool, with some banging tunes on, shooting another QUEEN for her Empowerment Shoot.

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Confidence photoshoot in Wales for females

Nature, architecture, and landscapes are all pretty cool, but honestly not my jam, nothing inspires me to take photos the way that PEOPLE inspire me. I love humans, their connection with each other, their quirks and their beautiful, unique bodies. Contrary to what you might think, an empowerment shoot isn’t the same as a boudoir shoot - you really don’t have to get your kit off unless you want to! The clue is in the name folks; the purpose of these one-to-one sessions starts and ends with empowerment. Whether you feel empowered in jeans and a t-shirt, a slinky dress or some super hot lingerie, it’s all on your terms. 

boho feel empowerment shoot in studio with natural light

But regardless of how any woman approaches these sessions, at the root of it all is making sure they gain confidence and feel good in their own skin. I want to make you feel GREAT. No, not great, AMAZING. I want you to walk away from our time together feeling giddy and grounded and proud and absolutely buzzing about what just happened. It’s so important to me that each and every QUEEN knows just how amazing she is - you could say it’s my calling in life!

Boudior empowerment photoshoot to start falling in love with yourself
Female gaze photoshoots embracing yourself

Female Self-confidence Photoshoot

When you think about all of the ways we’ve been conditioned to disconnect from ourselves, to ignore our bodies and our hearts, it makes me want to scream! Although not exclusively true, I do find a lot of my clients book an empowerment session whilst or after going through a shift in their life. It can be vulnerable to really see yourself, but it’s also really f***ing powerful, healing, and wonderfully sweet. It’s an absolute honour to be able to depict womanhood almost every day and celebrate every aspect that makes a woman beautiful and unique, whilst also hopefully enabling women to return missing parts of their character, to feel empowered, to reclaim, celebrate and honour themselves and their bodies. 

Pampas boho vibes in the studio for a self love empowerment photoshoot
Making art with your body and capturing your true self in the most empowering way
Confidence photoshoot in Welshpool
Empowerment photographer in Shropshire, Cheshire and Mid Wales

Booking an empowerment shoot with me means being seen in all your unbelievably gorgeous glory, and on the day, you can guarantee I will be your ultimate hype girl!! I love nothing more than hanging out with all of these insanely beautiful goddesses who put their trust in me - because of this, I work hard my ass off to ensure each and every person leaves my studio on a high and with a banging gallery heading their way soon after. There are so many laughs, many deep breaths, and sooo much magic on a shoot day. If you want to get spicy… do it! If you don’t, it’s totally fine (honestly, I can’t repeat that enough), but most importantly, I want us to have fun. I want you to feel grounded and to feel free to play (you can choose/bring up to three outfits which my clients LOVE!). 

Empowerment photography creating beautiful portraiture to empower yourself

Finally though, I have to make sure that any empowerment shoot enquiry I receive is for the right reason. I’m not interested in taking some sexy shots of you so that your husband won’t cheat (again), soz. It’s not about the guys/gals that are in or aren’t in your life anymore; it’s 100% all about YOU.

Ready to meet your inner QUEEN and have me capture you at your most powerful in a totally respectful and awesome way?? Hit me up!

Empowering women in Welshpool, Powys