Capturing Authentic Candid Moments

Documentary photography is soOooooOoo powerful and emotional for preserving the genuine moments of life (AND, actually the dogs balls, it's the best).

Okay, so the goal is often to capture the emotions, interactions, and unique elements that define the essence of the day and that person. Its all about capturing people going about their day and often the moments you missed because you are busy doing yo' thang and enjoying your wedding.

ANDDDD To get them candid shots, here is five killer tips that will give your 'tog (hopefully that's me) the right tools to capture these shots.

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i'm a big advocate for down time...

One of the key ingredients for authentic candid shots is providing downtime during your day. While meticulously planned schedules can be essential for key moments, like your speeches, ceremony, food, first dance etc but leaving room for spontaneous moments is equally important. There are a few times during the day you and your guests can relax, unwind, and naturally engage with each other.

Like your drinks reception, allow a couple of hours for this. Don’t rush it! These pauses not only create breathing space for everyone but also present opportunities for your documentary photographer to capture genuine reactions and unguarded moments.

Emotive wedding photography at Berwick House, Shrewsbury

don't over filled your day with plans

While it's tempting to fill every moment of your event with activities and entertainment, an overload of events can make it challenging for your photographer to capture meaningful candid shots. A more relaxed pace allows your guests to be present in the moment, to have genuine interactions and reactions to their surroudings. Striking a balance between planned events and open spaces will provide your documentary photographer with the chance to capture the unscripted beauty that unfolds when people are at ease. As a candid wedding photographer, these moments I like to walk around snapping people from afar but also talk to your guests to put them at ease. I find the more I chat to guests the more candid’s I can capturer throughout the day. People end up being wayyyyyy more relaxed when their isn't a wall between me and them.

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Mingling with Your Guests as a Couple

HOLD HANDS ALL DAY! Often, couples end up separate, greeting and chatting with their guests during their day. Choosing to mingle together can lead to more intimate and natural moments being captured. When you move through the crowd as a couple, you share experiences, reactions, and emotions that contribute to a deeper storytelling experience in your photographs. Your guests will also feel more comfortable interacting with you both simultaneously, resulting in candid shots that reflect the authentic dynamics of your relationships. 

PLUS, you just got m'f*cking hitched make sure the memories of your day are made TOGETHER!

Relaxed candid bridal photo

Create Meaningful Spaces

Consider making specific spaces at your wedding where authentic interactions are likely to occur. This could be a quiet cozy lounge area for people wanting to escape the craziness, a beautifully decorated corner for your guest book with lots of interactive props or even a camera for people to take their own selfies or an outdoor space with comfortable seating. These thoughtfully designed spaces encourage spontaneous moments and genuine connections.

Your documentary photographer can then discreetly capture the candid interactions,

providing you with a collection of images that tell the story of your event and capture the moments you may be missing and not realise are happening.

Guest reactions during speeches, candid wedding photography

Embrace Unplanned Moments

Life is unpredictable, and some of the most memorable moments are often the unplanned ones. These unscripted moments add an element of surprise and authenticity to your photo collection, making it a true reflection of the unique atmosphere of your day. Sometimes it’s okay to just go with the flow, allow whatever to happen to happen and just go with it. It is what it is!

Relaxed and natural wedding photography

powys Candid wedding photographer

Getting the best candid shots from your documentary photographer requires a delicate balance between planned activities and creating opportunities for spontaneous moments. By allowing downtime, not overwhelming the schedule, mingling as a couple, designing meaningful spaces, and embracing the unplanned, you can be completely sure that your event is beautifully documented with genuine, heartfelt photographs that will be cherished for years to come. 

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