Okay, this is a my own total opinion as these are my fave 3 venues to work at in Powys, currently! Yeah okay, it might change.

Choosing the perfect wedding venue is a huge deal, right? Powys, with its picturesque landscapes and charming countryside, offers an array of hidden gorgeous venues to get hitched. Among these, Garthmyl Hall, Wilde Lodge, and Plas Dinam stand out as the crème de la crème of wedding venues. Each venue boasts a unique style and cool af vibe, ensuring an unforgettable experience for couples seeking a magical setting for their milestone celebration. From relaxed atmospheres, a lot of character and of course, the excusivity of you being the only people there for your wedding, no matter if it's during the week or a banging bank holiday weekend.

Garthmyl Hall, Wedding Venue Secret Garden
Wilde Lodge Wedding Venue, Powys
Plas Dinam House, Wedding Venue, Powys

Garthmyl Hall, A Unique, Exclusive Haven

Nestled in the heart of Powys, Garthmyl Hall is not just a wedding venue; it's an exclusive haven for couples seeking a truly distinctive celebration. Unlike some venues which are wedding factories, Garthmyl Hall offers a relaxed and flexible experience for all couples, providing exclusive hire for weddings. The hall's unique ambiance and picturesque surroundings attracted couples eager to exchange vows in this idyllic setting. Impeciably kitted out by the incredible, Julia who just oozes style by just breathing!

The hallmark of Garthmyl Hall is its commitment to preserving the intimate and personalised atmosphere. Couples can enjoy their special day without the constraints of a rushed schedule, immersing themselves in the serene beauty of the venue. With a commitment to authenticity, Garthmyl Hall remains true to its origins, allowing couples to create lasting memories in a space that exudes warmth, charm and of course style.

Small wedding breakfast set up in the orangery at Garthmyl Hall
Disco calls in the ball room at Garthmyl Hall
Pink and red set up at Garthmyl Hall in the dining room
Pampas neutral wedding decor at Garthmyl Hall, POWYS

Wilde Lodge, A Hidden Treasure for the Discerning

Wilde Lodge is a hidden gem for couples who really want a wedding venue that can be their home for a weekend for them and their guests. Hidden away in a the hills of Powys, this gorgeous lodge that offers couples a chilled and playful atmosphere.

It prides itself on providing a haven for couples looking to escape the conventional wedding scene.

This venue caters to discerning couples who don't conform to traditional wedding norms and really want to make memories that are based more on just the day itself.

Wilde Lodge is an exclusive find for those who appreciate unique, intimate experiences. The venue's calm ambiance and relaxed ethos make it an ideal choice for couples looking to sink into a celebration that reflects their distinct style and personality.

The long barn ceremony room at Wilde Lodge
Pampas and white set up at Wilde Lodge
DIY set up in the safari tent at Wilde Lodge
Sustainable wedding venue for Vegans in Powys

Plas Dinam: Your House. Your Wedding. Your Weekend.

For couples dreaming of a beautiful house that doubles as the backdrop for their wedding festivities, Plas Dinam is the epitome of perfection. This sexy mansion offers not only a stunning setting but also a unique Stables, featuring a glass-roofed party barn. Which is just perfection in any weather!

This venue is for couples that want the freedom to transform the house or stables into their something that shows their own personalities over the wedding weekend.

Plas Dinam is all about creating a relaxed, happy, and fun wedding experience. Couples have the liberty to choose their own suppliers, bring their preferred beverages, and dance the night away in the Stables. This venue captures the essence of a joyful celebration, surrounded by spectacular scenery and a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Outdoor wedding ceremony on the lawn at Plas Dinam
Wild and sustainable home grown florals at Plas Dinam House
Plas Dinam stables wedding venue
Gorgeous vintage wall paper and wild bouquets at Plas Dinam

In Powys, the journey to marital bliss is paved with unique, exclusive, and unforgettable experiences. Garthmyl Hall, Wilde Lodge and Plas Dinam are not just wedding venues; they are curated spaces that elevate the celebration of love to new heights. Whether you envision an intimate gathering, a hidden treasure, or a weekend of festivities, these venues in Powys offer a range of options to make your dream wedding a reality.