Alternative Wigan wedding photographer

Alternative Wigan Wedding Photographer
Candid Wigan Wedding Photographer
Candid Wigan Wedding Photographer
Gorgeous wedding at Mesnes Park Wigan

Love stories are like fingerprints, unique and beautiful in their own way. Hayley and Matt's wedding was no exception as they celebrated their union in a cool and chilled atmosphere surrounded by the serenity of Mesnes Park in Wigan. The day was filled with laughter, happy tears, and an abundance of love that resonated through every moment.

Alternative Wigan Wedding Photographer

pints & pals

The festivities kicked off with Matt meeting with their guests at a local pub for a swift pint before the big moment. It was a perfect opportunity for friends and family to share a few lighthearted moments, setting the tone for the joyous occasion that awaited them.

Candid Wigan Wedding Photographer
Relaxed Wigan Wedding Photographer
Relaxed Wedding Photographer in Wigan
Relaxed Wigan Wedding Photographer

cool brides arrive in style

As anticipation built, Hayley made a grand entrance in a retro creamy yellow camper. Adorned with a banner that read "I love you 3000," the couple added a touch of cinematic magic to their special day. This phrase, borrowed from a famous movie, encapsulates a love that surpasses all boundaries – a love that goes beyond measure. It's a sentiment that speaks volumes, expressing a depth of affection that words alone cannot capture. Hayley teamed this up with the most amazing mermaid-esc short veil which was just the most lush pop of colour!

Chilled out Wigan Wedding Photographer
Bridal portrait Mesnes Park, Wigan
Wigan town park wedding

weddings in Mesnes Park, Wigan

Hayley and Matt exchanged vows in a beautiful and emotional ceremony that brought forth both happy tears and laughter. The park provided the perfect backdrop for this intimate affair, through the big windows adding a touch of enchantment to the already magical day.

Close up detailed shot at Wigan Wedding
Wigan relaxed wedding photographer
Candid and emotive wedding photographer
Heart felt vows in Mesnes Park, Wigan

bubbles instEAD OF CONFETTI

Following the ceremony, the newlyweds embarked on a journey through a bubble tunnel, symbolising the shower of well-wishes from their closest friends and family. The celebration continued as they enjoyed drinks on the park lawn, basking in the warmth of their love and the surrounding natural beauty.

Bubble tunnel in Mesnes Park, Wigan
Bubble tunnel in Mesnes Park, Wigan


The park also served as a canvas for portraits capturing the essence of their love. Against the backdrop of Mesnes Park, Hayley and Matt's joy radiated through every photograph, each frame telling a story of a love that is timeless and enduring.

Wedding drinks in Mesnes Park, Wigan
Wedding drinks in Mesnes Park, Wigan
Wedding drinks in Mesnes Park, Wigan


After a few drinks and plenty of laughter, the couple, surrounded by their nearest and dearest, departed for a celebratory lunch. The intimate gathering allowed for meaningful connections and shared moments, making the day even more special for Hayley and Matt.

Fun wedding party shots in Wigan Park

happily ever after

Hayley and Matt's wedding was a testament to the beauty of simplicity and the power of genuine love. Mesnes Park in Wigan became the backdrop for a love story that will continue to unfold through the years, a story written in laughter, tears, and the promise of a love that transcends boundaries.

Calm and fun wedding photography in Wigan
Relaxed and candid Wigan wedding photographer
Cool chilled couples wedding photographer in Wigan
Alternative wedding photos in Wigan

What the couple say;

"Vix is just quite simply THE BEST!! From the moment we found her on Instagram and then going through her amazing website we just loved everything we read and we saw and she did not disappoint! When we met for our prewedding photos it was like meeting up with an old friend she made us feel at ease and we had such a laugh. At our wedding she'd taken the time to research the area first, made all our guests laugh and have fun and we just have such amazing, perfect wedding photos that both we and our friends and family will cherish for a lifetime.

Do not hesitate! Get her booked, you won't regret it!!!!"


Brides Dress - Forever Bridal Belfast 

Brides Jacket - Rock Paper Nib

Veil - Bex Brides 

Brides Banner - Daydreamer Creative Studio

 Tie & suit: Marc Darcy Suits

Camper - I Do Campers Brides

Jewellery - Little Pearl co

 Bridesmaid Flowers - Margot Flowers

Boutinniere - Paper Flowers by Nicky 

Hair & Make Up - Iconic Hair Design