Candid Mid Wales Wedding photographer

In the heart of Llanidloes, at the enchanting Glyngynwydd, Sophie and Wayne embarked on a journey of love that transcended the ordinary. Their wedding day, adorned with vibrant sunflowers and drenched in the spirit of celebration and OF COURSE, some empowerment sprinkled on top.

Beautiful detailed shot of sunflower bouquet and shoes and accessories.
Couple laughing whilst signing the register at Glyngynwydd Wedding Barns, Llanidloes
Sunflower buttonhole
beautiful 3 tiered rustic wedding cake with sunflowers

Sunflowers Blooming Love

The rustic charm of Glyngynwydd's barn was transformed into a haven of sunshine with the presence of beautiful sunflowers. From bouquets to centrepiece's, these golden blooms symbolised the radiant love between Sophie and Wayne, setting the stage for an unforgettable celebration.

Bridal empowerment photoshoot before wedding
Bridal boudior photoshoot before wedding

Empowerment on your wedding morning

Before slipping into her elegant wedding dress, Sophie embraced a moment of empowerment with a mini photoshoot. Capturing her confidence and individuality, these photographs became a testament to the strength and beauty she brought to her wedding day. It was a powerful prelude to the love-filled ceremony awaiting her.

While Sophie prepared for her day, Wayne shared a laid-back morning with his father and sons. These moments of camaraderie and connection infused the entire day with a genuine and heartwarming atmosphere. The importance of family resonated throughout the celebration, making it a true union of two families becoming one.

Bride coming down stairs for first look with bridesmaids at Glyngynwydd Wedding Barns, Llanidloes
brides hair being done before wedding whilst bride watches guests out of window
Groom and groomsmen hanging out before ceremony at Glyngynwydd Wedding Barns, Llanidloes
Bride and bridemaids before getting ready for wedding at Glyngynwydd Wedding Barns, Llanidloes
Rainy wedding portraits in the meadow at Glyngynwydd Wedding Barns, Llanidloes
Gorgeous motion blurr of couple at Glyngynwydd Wedding Barns, Llanidloes
Couples portraits at Glyngynwydd Wedding Barns, Llanidloes


As fate would have it, raindrops graced Sophie and Wayne's wedding day. Instead of letting the weather cast a shadow, they embraced the rain during their portrait session. The result? Mesmerising images that captured the raw, untamed beauty of love, with raindrops adding a poetic touch to their narrative.

The outdoor festivities extended to the little ones, who reveled in a world of fun and games. Laughter echoed through the air as children enjoyed the outdoor activities, creating a kaleidoscope of joy that added a delightful charm to the celebration.

Fun games on the lawn at Glyngynwydd Wedding Barns, Llanidloes
Games on the lawn by The Little Events Company at Glyngynwydd Wedding Barns, Llanidloes
Sign for games on lawn
Children playing giant snakes and ladders at wedding on lawn


As the day transitioned into night, the vintage DJ spun a playlist that transcended eras. Classic tunes, including hits from the legendary Tina Turner, filled the air. Sophie, Wayne, and their guests danced under the starry sky, creating a magical atmosphere that celebrated the timeless joy of love.

Couples first dance at Glyngynwydd Wedding Barns, Llanidloes
Dance floor antics
Wedding dance floor photos
Bride hitting the dance floor at Glyngynwydd Wedding Barns, Llanidloes

Sophie and Wayne's wedding at Glyngynwydd was a celebration of love that weathered rain and embraced sunshine, weaving a story of empowerment, family, and joy. With sunflowers as witnesses and music as the backdrop, their union became a timeless melody that echoed through the Welsh countryside—a melody that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Rain didn't stop these lovers at Glyngynwydd Wedding Barns, Llanidloes

what the couple had to say:

"Vix is an amazing photographer, we had a fantastic engagement shoot at her studio and when you think you can't be blown away any more, the wedding photos are absolutely stunning!

Vix isnt just a photographer, she's your right hand woman for everything throught your whole day.

Everyone loves Vix, her laughter is infectious - she becomes a friend. Thank you so much!"


Venue: Glyngynwydd Wedding Barns

Florist: Hollies Floral Designs

Dress: Wedding Belles at Lauras

Dj: Vintage Wedding DJ

Games, love letters & magic mirror photobooth: The Little Events Company

Catering: Hughes Caterers