The Ultimate Guide to a Female Empowerment Photoshoot

Empowerment shoots aren’t for everyone… JOKES, ‘course they bloody are!! They’re for you, me, your mum, your best mate, EVERYONE. If you follow me on Instagram (If you don't, then you can find me here), you’ll see I share a mix of wedding photography and shots from my female empowerment photoshoots. They’re pretty cool, right? I can’t tell you how honoured I am that so many awesome, kickass, powerful women come through my studio and wholeheartedly put their trust in me. Ok, they might not feel 100% awesome and powerful when they arrive, but I guarantee that they will when they leave!! 

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Female empowerment photoshoot in England

I am passionate about the fact that every single woman should have an empowerment shoot. In fact, I even wrote a blog on that very topic; check it out here (Here). But I also totally understand that although the photos look epic, and you’d kind of love that for yourself, you perhaps want to know a bit more about how it all works before taking the leap yourself. Yep, thought as much! So, with that in mind, here’s my ultimate guide to a female empowerment photoshoot! 

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Everything You Need to Know About an Empowerment Shoot With Me

First things first (if you haven’t done so already), go and give my Instagram a stalk and browse the info and testimonials on my Empowerment Shoot page (Here), and then if you’re feeling inspired, which I really hope you are - send me an enquiry via my contact form (Here). Once we have a date secured, I’ll get back to you with a questionnaire and photoshoot guide. The guide is to help you plan your future shoot and find out more about how things work on the day, whereas the questionnaire is so that I can find out a bit more about you, your motivation behind booking an empowerment shoot and what it is you want to come away with. I always tell my queens to take their time over this; there’s no rush! Have a glass of wine, dig deep and be honest with me… and yourself. The more info you share, the better, so just go for it! Remember, I am always on the other side of an email if you have any questions. I’m always super happy to chat through outfits, location suggestions, and ideas for the creative direction of the shoot - I love love love this planning stage of our journey!

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Embracing yourself with portraits

On the day itself, regardless of whether we’re meeting at my photography studio or we’ve arranged to meet on location (within 30 miles of Welshpool), we’ll stop to have a cuppa and have a chat about the plan of action and what you’ve brought with you; props, outfits etc. From this, we’ll come up with a loose plan together covering what outfits you’ll wear, when, and the overall vibe we’re aiming for. We can also discuss poses and any inspiration references you might have at this point too, and then when you’re ready, I’ll get the music started and we’ll begin; banging, badass female artists only though!

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We ALWAYS start with your favourite outfit. Whether that’s a gorgeous new dress or jeans and your fave top - basically whatever makes you feel incredible! There’s no judgement from me, ever! I will be with you every step of the way, making sure you feel comfortable, in control and loving life! Once you’ve relaxed into the shoot and being in front of the camera, we can change outfits. If this means stripping down/changing into a beautiful set of lingerie, then let’s do it! 

Female empowerment headshots and portraits in Wales
Empowering women through photography and photoshoots

During a shoot I take a LOT of images. I’ll direct you when needed but ultimately, I just want you to be yourself and embrace amazing queen that you are! We’ll chat throughout the session to help you feel at ease and to keep the studio vibes high. It’s not often in our adult lives that we get to dress up and play; because of this, a lot of my female clients liken the shoot to being a teenager again, hanging out with their bestie, letting loose, and just having a lot of FUN. There is no greater compliment than when I hear this - honestly, this is what it’s all about!! You feeling empowered and like a goddess in your own skin, and the fact that I get to witness and capture this for you is just so frickin’ awesome!

During a shoot I take a LOT of images. I’ll direct you when needed but ultimately, I just want you to be yourself and embrace the

The whole expierence can take up to 90 minutes long, during which time we’ll go through up to three outfit changes, and your confidence will have hit the roof! Once edited, you’ll receive an online gallery of 40+ images to download and print as you like from the comfort of your own home.

To secure your empowerment shoot with me, I require a £100.00 deposit with the contract and the £200.00 balance due seven days before your booked shoot date. Ready to celebrate you? Let’s do this! 

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