The Ultimate Wedding Photography Checklist for Cool Couples

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion, a day filled with joy, love, and unforgettable memories. As a couple, you want to ensure that every precious moment is captured perfectly by your wedding photographer. To help you achieve this, we've created "The Ultimate Wedding Photography Checklist" that will guide you through the process of getting the most out of your wedding photography. So, let's dive in!

Before the Wedding Day

Get to know Your Photographer:

Don’t just book someone and then that’s it until your wedding day, really let your photographer get to know you and vice versa. Become pals! Trust me when I say this, but if your photographer knows you and you know them, you’ll feel so much calmer on your day having a pal by your side to help you throughout the day.

Share Your Timeline:

KEEP THIS UP TO DATE & make sure all vendors and suppliers have the same timeline. If you’re struggling to write your time line, don’t worry. I love doing this with all my couples, making sure we’re both on the same page and helping them organise their day. Photographers rely a lot on light, this changes throughout the year so ensuring your photographer is involved is mega important ‘cause you want that banging light for them sexy portraits!

Pre-Wedding Shoot:

Don’t schedule this too early, but also don’t leave it too late haha. It’s one of them. Your pre-wedding shoot is perfect to get together with your photographer, hang out, see how they work and experience them. Also a great opportunity to go for a pint after.

Group Shot List:

Compile a list of group photos you want to capture. Share this list with your photographer to ensure no one is left out. This is your ride or die list. It’s about them not so candid shots that you really want. 8 is the sweet number of groups - it doesn’t take too much time away from your day but gives you enough time to capture them ride or dies in your gang.

Special Details: Prepare and set aside any special items (rings, invitations, accessories) that you want to be photographed the night before - having everything in one place means it takes away the stress for you when your getting ready but it also means your photographer can crack on as soon as they get there capturing them details.

Backup Plan: Discuss contingency plans with your photographer in case of inclement weather or other unforeseen circumstances. It’s always good to make sure there is an indoor space to capture group shots and portraits if your day isn’t as dry as you may of hoped.

On the Wedding Day

Getting Ready Shots:

Allow your photographer to capture candid moments while you're getting ready. These photos can be incredibly touching and personal. To get the most out of these, set aside space to put all your stuff - bags for life and crap (let’s face it) that can make a gorgeous shot not so gorgeous.

First Look:

If you're planning a "first look" moment, coordinate with your photographer to capture this emotional and intimate experience. Allow plenty of time for this - make sure you tell the people involved you want this to so they’re able to make sure they’re in the right place when they need to be. Allow up to half an hour extra for a first look.

Ceremony Shots:

Look at each other, hold hands, don’t look at the person conducting the ceremony you’re not marrying them! Make sure there is enough room around the edges for your photographer to wonder around and capture all the angles. Oh and get rid of that bloody table, put it to the side. You don’t need it at the centre front!

Reception Setup:

Your photographer will want to photograph the reception area before guests arrive to capture all the little details. So keeping them guests out but also making sure it’s set up early is really helpful. If you’re ceremony is in the same room as your wedding breakfast so there is a change over of set ups, your photographer will pop in a capture it before your guests take their seats.

Group and Family Photos:

Allocate time for group and family photos during a convenient part of the day. I normally say allow an hour for these, because lets face it herding people is worse than herding cats (or flies) at times.

Candid Moments:

Don’t add too much into your itinerary. The more ‘stuff’ the less time for candid moments. Allow for free time, down time and mingling. Don’t be so regimental with this. It’ll give your photographer time to people watch and capture the moment you may of missed.

Golden Hour:

If you want golden hour shots plan for a brief photo session during the "golden hour" before sunset for some stunning outdoor portraits. But remember this isn’t always possible. It all depends on lighting and your location. If your venue is in the valley you may not see that golden hour, sunsets may be blocked by things, I would deffo recommend visiting your venue at golden hour (1-2 hours before sunset) to see where the sun does set and if there is any possible places for these shots.

The Ultimate Wedding Photography Checklist for Couples

After the Wedding

Editing Timeline:

Discuss the timeline for photo editing and delivery, ensuring you're both on the same page. Normally this is noted in your photographers contract. I always state that my delivery time is a maximum of 6 weeks for your full gallery. But I do sent 3 sneak peeks before your wake up after your wedding day for you to share!

3 Bonus Tips

  1. Stay Relaxed: On your wedding day, remember to stay relaxed and enjoy the moment. A stress-free couple often results in the best photos.
  2. Trust Your Photographer: You've hired a professional for a reason. Trust their creative vision and let them work their magic.
  3. Communication is Key: Keep open lines of communication with your photographer throughout the process. They are there to make your vision a reality.